Welcome to the all-new Guarding Minds at Work, a unique and free online resource to help employers - large or small, in the public or private sector - assess, protect and promote psychological health and safety in their workplaces.

At the heart of Guarding Minds at Work is a survey tool and summary reports that compare your results against a 2016 nationally representative sample of workers in industries and geographical regions across Canada. Suggested strategies, planning worksheets, and evaluation resources are all provided to help you take action to improve the psychological health and safety in your workplace.

How to use Guarding Minds at Work

Guarding Minds at Work involves more than just sending out a survey. We recommend that you follow these eight steps - and complete the corresponding Action Items - to get the most accurate picture of your workplace.


Know the psychosocial factors

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Identify organizational needs

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Determine assessment resources

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Identify key participants

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Create a communication plan

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Sign up and launch survey

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Track results and take action

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Evaluate and maintain

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Guarding Minds at Work